Meeko Nari and Jume (jume) wrote,
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We're in the middle of moving, which effectively is a long unpaid vacation while we wait for the moving company to decide to bring our 2 crates of belongings from CA to AR. They're supposed to deliver on Monday, so it'll be back to work on 9/1... I haven't been in an/the office since 8/5, and the week before that was a business trip where we flew out here to train users.

It's going to be hard readjusting to going in every day after such a long period of slack, but I'm glad to have taken the time off. It's given me the leisure to get utilities set up, figure out a washer and dryer to buy, recalibrate my garden (previously pots on a porch) and plan out what I want to put in the rental yard, and do some long-overdue soul searching and reading up on my binge eating.
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