Meeko Nari and Jume (jume) wrote,
Meeko Nari and Jume

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what I did today
(because I've started losing track)

Got duplicates made of the new house keys
Played Pokemon Go
Carved out some watermelon fresh and blended it in order to make aqua fresca later
Boiled water and made tea
Tried to preorder another SNES Classic (with questionable success)
Separated out basil seedlings
Transplanted a cucumber plant into one of my pots
Put a bunch of wisteria cuttings in soil/water
Went out for Thai food for dinner
Replaced the printer cartridges
Drew a picture of a tulip from the Encyclopedia of Garden Plants in oil pastels to satisfy an urge I've had to do something creative
Read Brain over Binge
Did wii fit stretches
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