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I haven't really been able to relax; still feel myself sucking on my teeth constantly, but it's been a pretty good holiday all in all.

I got a ridiculous amount of christmas presents that I feel obliged to record here in list form; feel free to skip.

Archie Comics: Jughead 2015 #9, #10, and #11 - excellent
Understanding Roots
Down in the Holler: Ozark speech (been waiting a few years for this one)
Jimmy Carter's white house diary
Eleanor and Hicks
Sam Walton - Made in America

Love Letter

Holy shit are you for real?:
Pokemon Go Plus
Play Arts Kai Ignis statue from ffxv
Huge ass cutting board

USB digital microscope
Boogie board tablet/e-paper thing
A Nintendo mechanical puzzle from before they made their first video games
wood burning kit with variable temp
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