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half a thought

I'm leaning up against a baseball glove.

We had our first company softball game on Friday, and while I had believed I had brought my old glove when I moved out here, searching the apartment did not yield it up, so I bought a new one the night of and my pinky could tell it hadn't been broken in yet.

Since our next game is next Friday, and I'm waiting for an order of neatsfoot oil to come in, I'm just trying to break it in any way I can, which at this moment means leaning against it while sitting on the couch. It seem to be helping.

We one our game. 25 to one in fact. But for most of us not having played in a decade, and the team as a whole having never practiced together minus playing catch about half an hour before the game, I think we did decently enough!

I also got the last component back on my bike so I can resume riding it. I had taken the cable off to put a cable stop on, made a silly mistake in trying to trim the housing without having first removed the cable, and needed to get a new cable afterwards. But now it's in, I think it's more or less in the right adjustment; I just need to ride harden it.

I have been daydreaming more and more often about moving out to a little farmstead in Europe. Probably due to sunneschii's photographs and articles like this.

I finally visited the podiatrist last week. The visit made me quite embarrassed, because the doctor didn't tell me anything I didn't know already... But maybe it was being so embarrassed that made me actually start taking more drastic measures. For instance, going to work wearing my running shoes (podiatrist looked at them and gave me a look that said 'if you're wearing these, wtf are you still having trouble?'), and tying half of a pair of orthotic inserts I'd purchased after seeing my GP several months ago (then never used, because they didn't seem any different from the ones already in my running shoes) to the foot with the heel pain. After one weekend, it feels incredibly different. That and the cortisone shot.

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