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Busy Weekend

So, after a week with a SodaStream, I finally found out that the buzz you're supposed to use to gauge how much carbonation you've injected via your SodaStream is actually more of a loud BELCH than the droning cicadas that I heard up until that point. Now the stuff I have been making actually has some bite to it!

I want to get some vodka and start distilling essences of different things (herbs, fruit, nuts) to make something similar to the fruity but tasteless soda waters you can buy in stores (la Croix, san Pellegrino, et al)

I also did a lot of work on bikes, both mine, and the one I'm fixing up for my boyfriend. I've still been riding mine to work twice a month or so, and took it on the main drag for the first time last week. It wasn't too bad; there's a lane reserved for parking, but it's not allowed until after 6pm, so at the time I rode (right at 6) there wasn't anyone in it, and most cars avoid it anyway.

I fixed a couple of problems with my saddle and pedals; the saddle was squeaking whenever my weight would come down hard on it, and my pedals were clicking every time they went around. The saddle thing I fixed by loosening the bolt keeping the leather taut, putting some leather grease down around the metal/leather junctions, then retensioning the leather a little less tight than it had been.

The pedals were two issues: first thing was they needed to be overhauled. I took them apart and repacked them with new bearings. The second thing was the kickstand was just in the way of the left pedal. I had to put it on myself originally, and I wasn't really sure where exactly it went. I spent about an hour on some poor people's sidewalk trying different alignments until I got it just right.

For his, the one I had gotten for him was way too big; I could barely get on it myself. I found a smaller frame on eBay and I started cleaning it up. Since it had cranks, I figured this would be a good low-risk opportunity to learn how to overhaul bottom brackets that take cottered cranks. These are infamous in the vintage bike enthusiast community because they're very easy to do if you have the expensive tool, and very difficult to do if you do not have the expensive tool. Of course I don't have a cotter press, but the local bike co-op does! It turned out so easy that I went back today and did the ones on my bike.

Of course, today the main trip wasn't to the co-op, but to see some paintings someone had listed on craigslist. I like to browse the art listings when I'm bored sometimes to see if there's anything outrageous or cool.

That painting is about 3' by 2', so it just barely fits in our apartment... really need to save up for a house! but can't buy paintings or bike parts if I do that... maybe just quit eating out so much :}

We even went to the farmer's market yesterday and got some delicious plums and a beautiful lavender plant (the flowers of which are fated to become soda, I'm afraid)
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