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My 2011 Resolutions:

Budget Money
Get a job
Get Fit

I fucked up budgeting money, but luckily I Graduated, Got a Job, and Moved, so it was less of a problem than it would've been otherwise.

Get Fit is kinda up for grabs. I gained a lot of weight over the summer, but then lost ~10-15 after moving to CA.

On the whole, 2011 was a very good year. My emotions were relatively stable, despite some major stress related to getting hired. I had the best last semester I could've hoped for, spending lots of good times with my friends and classmates.

Week 1: I suffered horrrrrribly from wisdom teeth extraction.
"Just flushed some gross particulate from my mouth holes #themoreyouwishyouneverknew"
My dovely got a call from Konami about doing QA for them. He interviewed the day after returning to California from Christmas with me and my parents! Dream company get!

I started my last semester of classes... sorta! We had a big snow storm that closed classes for many days. It was amazing and novel, but got kinda boring after a while ;)

Trying to figure out if I wanted to stay in school an extra semester to finish my research more completely
It seems from twitter that I was having a pretty good time when I wasn't anxious/depressed about my future prospects!

"Legs legs legs legs woooooo * rubs them together* YEAH! LEGS!!!S"

I got a call to interview with a company I didn't remember applying for! They didn't end up taking me, but it was a good confidence booster that I was still a viable applicant.

I finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender with my online PIRATE TELEVISION friends.

"I made up this song about Lola that goes to the tune of jingle bell rock, and I can't stop it."

I entered in a Book Reading spot contest, and a lot of people voted for me! It made me happy that people liked me enough to bother doing something day after day for so long! I didn't get close, but was happy enough with having FRIENDS

One of my oldest friends had a baby!

"Just watched a doughnut roll all the way across an interaction. Two cars swerved to avoid it"
The third vehicle was a pick-up truck and true to form, smashed it back into dough.

Celebrated Free Comic Book Day! my favorite holiday

I also graduated college, and went with my parents to the Grand Canyon. I was pretty nervous about moving back in with my 'rents.

I read Snow Crash, which I had been looking forward to for a long time. It was completely different from how I expected, but awesome all the same!

"I also turned on mobile internet on my phone for the first time because I couldn't bear not checking in at the Grand canyon on foursquare"

I got back into the groove of living in small-town Arkansas (you know, Arkansas has large towns, relatively speaking).

Started to work on the pool my parents were building

Went back to Fayetteville every chance I got (1)

Really started to freak out about getting a job.

Started to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my dad! SUGOI !_!

"I'm not hiding from cleaning the house, I'm cleaning my room! Privately? Why am I reading twitter? Well..."

I reread (most) of the Harry Potter series to get pumped up about the last installment of the movies. Then I never had the chance to go to the movies! #fail

I took up crafting to while away the hours, and finished The Mists of Avalon in audio format while crocheting a beret for myself.

I went to California for the first time to visit my dovely. It was so great.

"Suppose texting is the catalyst the English language needs for its spelling reform"


I went through a bunch of old things out in my parents' shop that were stored away after the fire in May 2010 with the intent to clean them up for a mass yard-sale that happens in Arkansas every August. I found a lot of neat things I had never seen or had forgotten about, and started to have the courage to throw away or donate items. Got a lot done! Also learned why yard sales suck 8)

The sister to and another of my oldest friends also had a baby! It was the first time I'd been able to attend one of my friends at their childbed.

I started playing online Dominion like a fiend, having just learned how to play (and probably making everyone else sick ;D)

I also brushed up on my ollllld math skills on khanacademy.org

And got ready to move to California!

"I used to have a pair of socks I said were like wearing cats on my feet. For one more day, I have Lola."


September started off with my move to Southern California. About 1/4 the way into the trip, my mom and I were driving my dad's truck when a semi-truck pulled in front of us to smash into. A bad omen, but we were all in one piece (except for some of my possessions and of course the truck) so in a rental, we stuck it out.

It was a crash course in just how little control you have on the people around you, especially in high-risk situations like highway driving. Flying may be cramped and uncomfortable, but you are being towed by professionals who are in constant contact with people watching very closely to your every move.

It was also an illustration of the power of the internet and social networking. Where ordinarily, I would be unable to reach my dovely at his work, as he's obligated to leave his cellphone off, friends were able to reach people who work at the same company to get ahold of him.

On the same trip, I got to meet some good friends for the first time, and experienced the Southwest in a very condensed nutshell.

I had another job interview that also did not pan out, so I began my localized search.
I also began my house wife career. Cleaning, cooking, exercise, learning Japanese!

"How come we don't have a universal symbol that means 'click' and a similar,but rotated 90deg to mean right click?"

This was the dark hour of my job-despair. I applied to every place I could, including a dry-cleaners.

Fortunately, about halfway through, a friend mentioned that his wife's department was hiring! On Oct 26, I started work as a Konami Customer Service Representative!

I also started taking my eating seriously after rereading the Hacker's Diet.

Occupy Wall Street started gaining major steam, if not major results.

I carved my first Halloween pumpkin! It was a cat, in honor of Lola.

The month ended with meeting my dovely's family for the first time at his sister's wedding! Sugoiiiiiiiii ^_~

"Got a haircut today. It was the first time in a long while that someone else washed my hair. It felt so strange, but smelled nice"

I felt amazing having a job to do, a reason to get up every day!
It was nice interacting with people all day long, even if there was some political/drama associated with it, which meant that sometimes I felt I wasn't earning my wages. But mostly very good! (Although very exhausted every night)

We hosted a thanksgiving meal/fun day for the first time, since we weren't able to visit family for the holiday. It was a lot of fun, minus one misunderstanding towards the end.

I started really jonesing for Lola cat, even dreaming about her.

My dovely started introducing me to classic Konami games, starting with Kojima's CYBER PUNK ADVENTUREs Snatcher and Policenauts.

"Thinking about this mist rolling off the ocean makes the dreariness easier to bear. Also imagining I am living in Avalon, but with cars"

My 23rd birthday! My co-workers decorated my desk, and it was sooo great! I felt so cherished for the first birthday in a long time.

I started playing a lot of videogames for work! Bomberman, My Aquarium, Military Madness: Nectaris, Zombie Apocalypse 2, etc.

I started watching two animes with my dovely, Utena and Dirty Pair.

Spent Christmas with my parents, sister, nephews, and of course, dovely.

Got home just in time to have an awesome new years' party with friends that my dovely has known for a while, and that I have recently gotten to know more or less through work! Good tidings!

"A right mouse button drag to select that automatically opened the context menu would make my life easier #hinthintMicrosoft"

For 2012, I resolve to get Lola cat back in my life for good, keep up the good work on weight loss and fitness, and be brave when my work contract is up in April. Maybe I'll get an engineering position then, or another position at Konami? There's all sorts of potential!

Happy new year, everyone!



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Jan. 4th, 2012 01:54 am (UTC)
I should do this for myself but it seems like it would take forever to remember everything. Ohh, marijuana.

Glad your year ended on a high note though, despite some setbacks throughout :)
Jan. 4th, 2012 02:26 am (UTC)
hah! who remembers things! I trawled my twitter and LJ for all this shit, well most of it. ohhh marijuana...
Jan. 4th, 2012 02:43 am (UTC)
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