August 31st, 2017


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unpacking is going well, if slow. We're trying to remain realistic about the amount of stuff we need out and accessible, given we only took a 9 month lease with the expectation of house buying next year, but luckily we have 2 spare bedrooms (albeit small), and a garage (! I've never had one before!), so we have plenty of room to store unused things and even the boxes and packing material so we can reuse them for the next move (which prolly won't be company sponsored xD)

I'm planning on investing in a candy bowl at work. Everyone is nice, but I just don't know anyone on the floor they put me (since my role is easily confused for 'everyone's personal application/tech support', my manager has gone to great lengths to keep me secluded from all the users of our app, which is to say, all the familiar names I got to know). My cube faces an aisle that gets moderately high traffic, so it should be a good incentive for people to stop and chat.

Couple things I've noticed about walking outside:
* everything is further away; there were several lunch options within a quarter mile walk of 2 of my offices in So Cal (the ones in LA anyway; the one in OC was worse xD), but in NWA, it's more like half a mile
* shade isn't as cool, but direct sunlight isn't as hot. I suppose that is the mitigating effect of higher humidity.
* no fucking sidewalks half the time. JFC!

They've spent a lot of effort on improving their bike trail system; I'm eager to bring my bike back from my parents and start exploring, though.
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