August 26th, 2017


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what I did today
(because I've started losing track)

Got duplicates made of the new house keys
Played Pokemon Go
Carved out some watermelon fresh and blended it in order to make aqua fresca later
Boiled water and made tea
Tried to preorder another SNES Classic (with questionable success)
Separated out basil seedlings
Transplanted a cucumber plant into one of my pots
Put a bunch of wisteria cuttings in soil/water
Went out for Thai food for dinner
Replaced the printer cartridges
Drew a picture of a tulip from the Encyclopedia of Garden Plants in oil pastels to satisfy an urge I've had to do something creative
Read Brain over Binge
Did wii fit stretches
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We're in the middle of moving, which effectively is a long unpaid vacation while we wait for the moving company to decide to bring our 2 crates of belongings from CA to AR. They're supposed to deliver on Monday, so it'll be back to work on 9/1... I haven't been in an/the office since 8/5, and the week before that was a business trip where we flew out here to train users.

It's going to be hard readjusting to going in every day after such a long period of slack, but I'm glad to have taken the time off. It's given me the leisure to get utilities set up, figure out a washer and dryer to buy, recalibrate my garden (previously pots on a porch) and plan out what I want to put in the rental yard, and do some long-overdue soul searching and reading up on my binge eating.
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what did I do yesterday...

Cleaned the cat litter box
Ate lunch at McAlisters
Browsed the used game store next door
Tried to visit a vintage bookstore; found out its physical location is closed
Ate a roasted chicken for dinner
harvested garlic and four o'clock seeds
found container for said seeds
Scavenged refill for one of my prescriptions from my parents' medicine cabinet
Cooked down a chicken carcass in an instant pot to make stock (including some of said garlic)
Fretted over the lackluster resulting stock
Boiled water on the stove for tea
Read Brain over Binge