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on moving

I was looking through my old photos for pictures of young Mussie/Fatdog and was struck by how many different places I've lived and the possessions that were important enough to me that I had to take them to each new place.

two dorm rooms, an apartment with stu, my own apartment, another dorm, and now out here in CA.

going into college as a freshman, I never dreamt that the little desk supply drawer would grow to be such an indispensable piece. Thinking about it now, those three teal drawers kinda function like a rich person's personal assistant, giving me what I need nearly as quickly as I think about it (except stamps. I keep forgetting to buy stamps)

there are a couple of big heavy plastic plates that I've toted around to all of these places. I think we got them in the late 90s. I used them every day as a kid and a teen, and most days today.

Brian Carper/Dr Unne gifted me some origami sometime, and since it's lightweight and almost guaranteed not to break in transit, the whole set comes along (A dragon, a rose, a frog, a carp, a lizard)

After I repainted them, I couldn't bear to let my wizard dude and forest maiden stay away from me. I spent so many hours just looking at them and painting them in elementary school. Not really fantasizing or making up stories, but they basically serve as mystical/fantasy archetypes and have for a long time.

I took some of my art nouveau posters to Atlanta last summer, and have them up now. I bring the little PuPu and Moogle, and a music box that plays Moonlight Sonata.



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Sep. 28th, 2011 01:25 pm (UTC)
I've lost track of the number of times I've moved throughout the course of my life. Last I checked it was 16 or 17. I've moved four times in the last three years alone. So I've got stuff... everywhere, all over the place, stuff in storage lockers, stuff in garages, stuff in boxes. There's stuff I lost ten years ago that I'm still looking for.

Really I just need to go through and make myself dump a lot of it... but I have such a difficult time doing so!
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